Franco Falsini “Cold Nose”


Scrolling back to 1975, Spectrum Spools present a reissue of Franco Falsini’s debut solo outing; the soundtrack to an obscure and hardly seen film. Franco’s probably best known for his innovative and ahead-of-its-time experimental guitar technique as leader of space/prog rock group Sensations’ Fix. But according to Spectrum Spools’ John Elliott and Peter Rehberg, ‘Cold Nose’ is his finest moment. Mirroring the intergalactic yen of Krautrock counterparts Cosmic Couriers or Ash Ra Tempel’s Manuel Göttsching, he melds synthesizers and guitar in beautiful, fluid synchronicity, painting widescreen scapes from cascading guitar leads and sensitive washes of EMS and Minimoog tones, all enhanced by his use of a mechanism borrowed from the Bio-Electronic Meditation Society. The machine wasn’t directly involved in the music making process, but it did monitor his brain activity in the studio. It would detect when his brain was producing Alpha/Theta waves, and he would use this as a prompt to start recording. The first two parts of ‘Cold Nose’ are entirely instrumental and feature more guitars while the second side is a glorious multi-dimensional epic resulting in a very unexpected but gorgeous appearance of his vocals to close. It’s all been remastered by Falsini to his specification from the original tapes and cut to vinyl at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin, and comes warmly recommended!

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